AIShred Domestic Waste Shredder Makes a Splash in Taiwan

Jul 23, 2022 120 IShred

Domestic waste has been troubling people for a long time because of problems with piling and collection, and in Taiwan there is now a growing demand for the disposal of bulky waste, much of which is domestic waste of wood mixed with plastic.The disposal of this waste not only solves some of the current problems, but also provides raw material support for the back-end downstream production and processing.The treatment of wood in particular provides a lot of support to many downstream companies, either as biomass pellets to be used as fuel for back-end power generation, or as waste wood to be recycled and reprocessed or used to make paper.

Bulky Waste Domestic Waste

For the treatment of these two materials we generally consider two passes of shredding.The first is a low speed, high torque double-shaft shredder that can achieve a discharge of about 15-20 cm. If the customer has higher requirements, we can match the second pass of fine shredding. Our single shaft shredder can achieve a discharge of 3-5 cm. Our equipment is fully customisable and we can recommend the right equipment and the most suitable disposal solution according to the actual situation and specific requirements of your material.

Domestic Waste Shredder
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