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Jul 18, 2023 75 AIShred

As the most widely used and valuable metal in the world, aluminum plays a crucial role in industrial production and daily life. Scrap aluminum recycling is a highly profitable and well-established industry. Typically, scrap aluminum products are packaged (to save storage and transportation costs) and transported to the smelter. The smelter needs to preprocess the scrap metal before melting it. The primary processes involved are shredding and sorting, aiming to reduce energy consumption during melting and separate other metals.

Aluminium Scrap Shredding and Sorting Plant

The picture above showcases an exemplary aluminum scrap shredding and sorting system that we recently implemented in Mexico. This comprehensive system includes cutting-edge equipment and machinery designed to optimize the recycling process. Among the components featured in this system are the AIShred GC12 pre-shredder, AIShred GD10 double-shaft shear shredder, magnetic separator, trommel screen, and belt conveyor.

The AIShred GC12 pre-shredder serves as the initial stage of the process, effectively breaking down the scrap aluminum into smaller, more manageable pieces. With its robust construction and powerful cutting mechanism, this pre-shredder ensures efficient and reliable performance.

Following the pre-shredding stage, the AIShred GD10 double-shaft shear shredder takes over. This advanced shredder utilizes two counter-rotating shafts with sharp blades, effectively reducing the shredded aluminum into fine particles. The shear action of the blades ensures precise and consistent shredding, optimizing the subsequent sorting process.

To enhance the efficiency of the sorting process, a magnetic separator is integrated into the system. This separator utilizes powerful magnets to attract and separate ferrous metals from the shredded aluminum, further enhancing the purity and quality of the recycled material.

A trommel screen is also included in the system to efficiently classify the shredded aluminum particles based on size. The rotating drum of the trommel screen effectively separates the aluminum particles into different fractions, allowing for precise sorting and recycling based on specific requirements.

To ensure seamless material handling throughout the entire process, a belt conveyor is employed. This conveyor system efficiently transports the shredded aluminum from one stage to another, minimizing manual labor and streamlining the recycling workflow.

The implementation of this aluminum scrap shredding and sorting system in Mexico has proven to be highly successful. It has significantly increased the efficiency and productivity of the recycling process, while ensuring the production of high-quality recycled aluminum. Furthermore, the system has enabled our clients in Mexico to contribute to a more sustainable future by effectively reducing energy consumption and minimizing waste.

As a leading provider of advanced recycling solutions, we continue to deliver innovative and customized systems tailored to the unique needs of our clients. The success of this project in Mexico serves as a testament to our expertise in designing and implementing state-of-the-art aluminum recycling systems worldwide.

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