Pulper Waste Recycling Shredder for Sale

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Large amounts of production waste are generated during paper manufacture. Wire clips, staples, nails, hooks, adhesive tapes, plastic tapes, cords and other foreign matter such as foil residues are bundled in loose rejects and pulper plaits. With the right shredding technology, this pulper waste can be made usable. A industrial recycling company uses double-shaft shredder from AIShred in its production facilities in South Korea. The shredded residues are used as a substitute fuel to generate energy.

The AIShred shredder shred more than 100 tons of residues every day. They have two 100 kW electric drive, with the help of which the pulper braids are reduced to a grain size of <60 mm. The rotor knives are in daily use and, based on experience, last longer than specified by the manufacturer.

Pulper Waste in Shredding

As a company that has worked in the recycling field in Korea for many years, they have cooperated with many shredder manufacturers. As one of the company's decision-makers,Tibus finally decided to choose AIShred. He draws a thoroughly positive conclusion about the partnership with AIShred: "During my trips in China, I found that AIShred is recommended above all for its enclosure & shaft technology and blade efficiency. This was the main reason for using AIShred shredders in our production facilities. The efficient operation and the robust design characterize AIShred here. In addition, the shredders have a low error rate and are easy to maintain.”

Recycling Shredder Pulper Waste Shredder Waste Shredder for Sale
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