Impact Crusher

The Impact Crusher is a machine that crushes materials by impact, consisting of a drive section, rotor section, impact plate and frame. It is the star product in the field of construction and demolition waste disposal and recycled aggregate production due to its high crushing efficiency, good granularity and long service life.

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AIShred's impact crushers are optimized for the disposal of construction and demolition waste, with high quality and performance, ideal for crushing bricks, stones, concrete blocks of all hardnesses, etc. They can be used for secondary crushing in construction waste production lines and can work alone to crush material directly to the size required by the customer.

Impact Crusher

AIShred's impact crushers are made of high wear resistant materials with proven machining technology and advanced heat treatment process, thus providing good resistance to mechanical and thermal impacts. The heavy-duty rotor is made of welded steel plates to achieve higher rotational inertia, greater crushing force and higher crushing efficiency; the liner plate adopts a standardized design, which is highly interchangeable and reduces the variety of spare parts and inventory for customers, and is easy to replace; the impact plate adopts a constant pressure spring safety device, when the non-crushing material enters the crushing chamber, the front and rear impact frames retreat and the non-crushing material is discharged from the machine, restoring normal operation. When the non-crushing material enters the crushing chamber, the front and rear impact frames will retreat and the non-crushing material will be discharged from the machine to resume normal operation, eliminating the hidden danger of jamming.

AIShred can also supply mobile impact crushing plant based on track or tyre for easy access to any construction and demolition waste disposal site.


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