Municipal Solid Waste Solution: Landfill, Composting and Incineration

Sep 2, 2022 216 Ethan

At present, there are three main treatment methods for municipal solid waste(MSW): landfill, composting and incineration. Landfilling usually involves burying domestic waste directly underground to allow them to decompose naturally; The composting method requires the use of equipment to break the organic matter in the domestic waste, and then explain the organic matter to make compost; Incineration is the process of crushing and sorting domestic waste, or directly burning it for power generation, or making it into RDF combustion rod, which is basically thermal energy conversion.

Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Plant

These three methods are widely used at present, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Landfill occupies land resources, composting process is complex, and incineration needs to strengthen flue gas treatment. At present, there are more environmentally friendly new technologies, such as hydrogen production from domestic waste.

 No matter which of the above domestic waste treatment methods is used, it is for the purpose of realizing the harmless, reduction and recycling of waste treatment. AIShred has developed a special comprehensive treatment system for domestic waste according to the characteristics of domestic waste. The system conducts resource treatment for domestic waste through multiple processes such as crushing and screening of biochemical waste. The system mainly includes coarse crusher, fine crusher, roller screen, magnetic separator, air separator, conveyor and GI intelligent control system, with high automation and high production efficiency.

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