Types of Motors Used in Dual Shaft Shredder High Torque

Apr 21, 2022 104 jiangshan sales@gepecotech.com

We all know that motors are very important for double shaft shredder high torque, so what are the types of motors used in double shaft shredder high torque? Taking our GEP as an example, the motor types of our dual-shaft shredders include dual three-phase asynchronous motor + dual planetary reducer drive and hydraulic motor drive. These two motor types can well adapt to the disposal requirements of different customers and are one of the most popular products on the market.

Double shaft shredder high torque

What kinds of materials can the double shaft shredder high torque shred?

The wide applicability of materials is a significant advantage of the dual-shaft shredder, which provides great convenience for crushing mixed waste. Let us see what materials can be crushed by the dual-shaft shredder:

Our double shaft shredders high torque are available in a wide range of mobile and stationary types. The motors and other components used in GEP twin-shaft shredders are all big brands, with guaranteed quality, which lays a good foundation for the high quality of our shredding equipment. If you have any questions about double shaft shredder high torque, please contact us for more support!

Dual-Shaft Shredder
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