Mobile Industrial Shredders and Crushers for Sale

Sep 1, 2022 189 AIShred

In waste management and recycling applications, permanent stationary equipment is used in most cases, but in some special areas movable machines are being used. For example, in temporary waste dumps and demolition sites, mobile shredder and crusher plants are widely used due to their good passability and mobility.

For small processing needs, some enterprises or individuals are accustomed to renting mobile equipment for temporary processing. Leasing companies have seen these business opportunities and are also looking for high-quality mobile shredders/crushers.

Mobile Shredder Machine

As a industrial shredder and crusher manufacturer, AIShred can supply mobile versions based on all of our existing machines. They can be within a steel frame(compact version)  or mounted on tire or tracked frames.

Mobile Crusher Machine

AIShred mobile crushers and shredders can handle almost all solid waste, from waste wood to scrap metal, garden waste, municipal solid waste, industrial waste, construction and demolition waste. They can work individually or together to complete work tasks efficiently. The crawler mobile version can be powered by electricity or diesel, and the tire version is moved using a tractor.

If you also need mobile shredding and crushing equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will design and produce the best equipment for you.

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