Automobile Shredder Residue(ASR) Recycling

May 9, 2022 385 AIShred

Auto shredder residue (ASR), also referred to as auto shredder fluff, shedder light fraction (SLF), residues from shredding (RESH) or simply “auto fluff” of “fluff”, is the fraction of an shredded end-of-life vehicle (ELV). In the past, it was landfilled. Now, They can now be sorted and recycled thanks to AIShred's sorting and shredding technology. It can prevent this useful and valuable material from taking up the dwindling space in landfills and contribute to a cleaner, safer environment.

Automobile Shredder Residue

How ASR Produced?

A discarded car is first partially dismantled. All liquids (oils, antifreeze, fuel, etc.) are removed from it. Batteries, tires and catalytic converters are also removed and sent for further processing.

Depending on demand, other good parts can be dismantled and sold for use as spare parts. On average, about 10% of the car's weight is pre-dismantled.

In a shredder, a car body is shattered into pieces the size of a fist. 70-75% of the various metals from the body are sorted and sold to smelters and foundries. All these valuable materials are sent for further use. Finally, about 25% are the remains of an automobile shredder Residue(ASR).

ASR Types

Generated ASR contains the bulk of non-metallic materials present in shredder hulks (plastics, glass, rubber, foam, carpeting, textiles, etc), entrained metallic fines, dirt and moisture. Two types of ASR streams can be generated from overall ELV processing:

How to process of ASR?

Treatment of the ASR focuses on recovering any useable materials, reducing the volume of the ASR to cut down on the quantity that will end up in landfill, and recovering the energy from the petrochemical content of the plastics.

Because approximately 40–50% of the shredder residue is hydrocarbon-based materials (such as plastics, fibres, wood, paper, tar, oils, and rubber), the amount that needs to be disposed of can be reduced significantly by:

The non-combustible fraction, which contains glass, dirt, rocks, sand, moisture, and residual metals and metal oxides, can also be reduced by separating and recovering the metals and their oxides.

What Does AIShred Do?

AIShred provides waste treatment and recycling equipment and complete solutions, our customers include waste management companies, car dismantling companies, biomass power plants, tire recyclers, cement plants, etc.

AIShred has rich experience in sorting and crushing/shredding, we can provide you with a complete set of equipment from car dismantling to ASR processing.

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