Rotary Shear Shredder for Sale

Apr 21, 2022 78 AIShred

Shear shredding is a treatment applied to solid waste, which is generally relatively friable. It does not require any particular preparation of the waste (apart from a certain homogeneity of size).

Rotary shear shredders are composed of shafts fitted with discshaped knives with one or more teeth. They are used in particular for crushing elastic, fibrous, soft or sticky products: wood, plastics, fiberglass, paper, tyres, etc. After this shredding, the products are sent to a finer shredder(If needed).

Double Shaft Shear Shredder

Dual shaft shredder is the most common rotary shear shredder, it can handle almost all kinds of solid wastes such municipal solid waste, industrial waste, agricultural and forestry waste, waste tires, electronic waste, metal and so on.

AIShred offers rotary shear shredders from small to large applications, and can be customized according to your needs, you are welcome to inquire at any time.

AIShred produces technological complexes for the processing and recycling of solid waste. We produce high-quality and modern equipment thanks to our professional team.

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