Silicone Rubber Scrap Shredder for Sale

May 18, 2022 68 AIShred

Silicone rubber is a kind of elastic and stable synthetic rubber, which has a wide range of uses in daily life, aerospace, automobile, construction, agriculture and animal husbandry and medical fields.

Scrap or discarded silicone rubber is difficult to decompose and should be recycled to protect the environment and avoid waste. In-depth recovery of silicone rubber can obtain silicone oil and by-products; simple recovery of silicone rubber can obtain rubber, which can be used to cover or derive fuel.

Silicone Rubber Scrap Recycling Process

What does AIShred do?

AIShred offers industrial shredders, crushers and granulators, which is a very important equipment in silicone rubber recycling plant. These equipments reduce silicone rubber scrap to a required size, which will greatly increase the efficiency of subsequent processing and reduce costs. Practice has proved that the shredder is one of the most important equipment in the silicone rubber scrap recycling process.

AIShred's equipment has been used in the recycling process of various waste plastic and tire products.

AIShred is a top manufacturer from China that designs and manufactures equipment for waste management and recycling, including shredders, crushers, separation equipment, conveying equipment, and more. Click here to know a part of AIShred's Solutions.

Rubber Shredder Scrap Shredder Machine
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