C&D Waste Crushing & Recycling


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Solid waste from construction, demolition, maintenance and renovation activities not only takes up valuable urban space, but can also lead to soil and groundwater contamination, and many of the valuable materials it contains are a waste of resources. Resourceful disposal of construction and demolition waste can recover most valuable materials and reduce landfill space and environmental pollution.

Construction and demolition waste consists of slag, mortar, wood, steel, concrete, gypsum, brick and tile, asphalt and metal, which can be sorted and crushed to achieve metal recovery; brick, tile, concrete and stone can be made into sand and gravel aggregates, mortar or building fill; and combustible materials such as waste wood, plastic and leather fabric can be made into alternative fuels.

AIShred's shredding, crushing and screening technology makes it easy to tackle the challenges of construction and demolition waste disposal, with easy crushing, efficient sorting and 100% recycling targets. AIShred can provide large permanent construction and demolition waste disposal plants, temporary construction waste disposal plants and mobile construction waste disposal plants for different sized applications.

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