Electric Appliance Shredding & Recycling


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Household appliances include white goods, black goods and small goods. They are used in huge quantities and are wasted or discarded in large quantities, causing waste and pollution. Crushing of household appliances reduces their size and separates out useful materials such as plastic and metal for further processing.

AIShred designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment for electrical shredding and sorting lines to meet the needs of different sizes of electrical items for shredding and recycling. AIShred's pre-shredders, with their powerful pre-processing capabilities, are capable of shredding entire refrigerators and washing machines directly; AIShred's double or four-shaft industrial waste shredders, with their powerful shearing capabilities, are capable of shredding electrical equipment to the size required by most recycling applications.

In addition to this, AIShred's shredder range is also used for the shredding of all kinds of electronic waste, such as IT and telecommunications equipment, photovoltaic panels, electrical and electronic equipment, medical devices, monitoring instruments, etc.

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