Secure Destruction Shredding


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Many classified information carriers and security devices of commercial and military units, as well as scrapped, substandard, expired, prohibited items, etc. need to be broken and destroyed to achieve irreversible destruction, protect information, intellectual property, commercial military secrets, and ensure security.

Common information carriers include cards, tapes, floppy disks, CD-ROMs, hard disks, USB sticks, removable hard disks, etc.

Common commercial classified components include a variety of high-tech equipment such as cars, rockets, satellites, circuit boards, controllers etc.

Common military classified components include various military equipment components such as control equipment, communication equipment, combat units, etc.

AIShred has two or four shaft shredders for small to medium sized secure destruction, which have a small footprint, can work independently, shred thoroughly and can be powered by mains electricity. For larger destruction requirements AIShred ;also offers automated loading systems to reduce personnel effort.

Please note that AIShred shredders are heavy duty destruction equipment and are used for the destruction of large information carriers and confidential parts, we do not offer normal paper shredders.

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